Skylight Benefits: Incredible Things Skylights Can do for Your Home

Skylight benefits, Benefits of skylights, how are skylights energy efficient If you’re thinking about getting skylights installed, you’ve come to the right place. Skylights are a great way to transform your home and brighten up your living space. A lot of homes that are built today incorporate skylights, but many people only think of them as an aesthetic addition to your home. In reality, there are some amazing things that skylights can do for your home aside from make it look nicer. Skylights can help boost natural lighting, which in turn promotes your family’s privacy. They can also save you money, improve your indoor air quality, increase aesthetics, and boost your home’s overall property value. In this article, we’ll go over all 6 of these amazing things skylights can do for your home.

1. Boost Natural Lighting

Skylights allow you to drastically boost the amount of natural light that enters your home. This is one of the biggest selling points for many people who are considering installing skylights. Skylights allow light to enter your home throughout the day, which reduces the amount of indoor lighting you’ll need to turn on. Since natural lighting has such positive effects on your mood, productivity level, and overall wellbeing, it’s a great way to reinvigorate your daily routine and start feeling your best. When sunlight fills up your space, you’ll feel like you’re spending your whole day outside.

While a lot of people argue that windows achieve the same results, it’s just not possible. Windows are installed on the siding of your home and during many parts of the day, the sunlight just doesn’t reach your interior. Plus, when you rely on windows for your natural lighting, you’ll sacrifice privacy.

2. Promote Privacy

Having windows as your sole source of natural light is a big sacrifice to you and your family’s privacy. People are able to look inside your home whenever your windows are open—even if you’re using high-quality window treatments. While you might not have a peeping Tom in your neighborhood, proximity to your neighbors can make you feel like you’re sharing an apartment rather than living in separate houses. This is especially true when you’re in your bedroom or bathroom—places where privacy is essential to your routine. When you install skylights, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural lighting without having to worry about others seeing you.

Since skylights are installed on your roof, increased privacy is more applicable to upstairs rooms. However, there are many houses that only have a second floor over a section of their home. In these instances, you’ll be able to benefit from skylights on every floor of your house. If you have a single-story home, skylights will give you privacy from your kitchen to bedroom and beyond.

3. Save Money

One of the biggest selling points of installing skylights is the long-term savings. While a lot of people think that having skylights will make energy bills higher, due to a need to use air conditioner more frequently, they actually save you money. Many skylights are installed with a film to reduce the transfer of heat into your home during the intense summer months, but still let in natural light. This means you’ll have to use less electricity each day to keep your home well-lit. The fewer times you have to turn on the lights, the lower your utility bills will be. This, in turn, will help you reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.

Another way that skylights help you save money is by improving the ventilation throughout your home. Just make sure you talk about your options with your professional contractors, as some skylights don’t have the option to open. However, opening up your skylights will help to boost your home’s natural air flow, which can help lower the necessity of your air conditioner. This is due to passive cooling and the chimney effect.

Passive cooling is a cooling technique that uses the natural temperature differences in the air alongside changing pressures. Since hot air tends to rise and cool air stays low, opening your skylights will allow the cold air accumulation to essentially push the hottest air out of your home. This is an ongoing process that occurs without the use of any external mechanical systems. Skylights will drastically improve your home’s ability to use passive cooling.

4. Improve Air Quality

When you opt for skylights that can be opened, you’ll also help to improve the overall indoor air quality of your home. With the passive cooling ventilation discussed above, you’ll breathe more fresh air and less stale, circulated air. Even on your busiest days, you’ll still be able to enjoy fresh air. This is more important than ever with COVID-19 forcing many people to stay inside or confine themselves to their homes.

Skylights can also be seen as a safety feature. If, for whatever reason, you have smoke inside your home, you can open your skylights to get the smoke out. This could be from a small kitchen catastrophe or a larger emergency, but skylights will help keep your home ventilated and filled with fresh air.

5. Increase Aesthetics

Another way that skylights can do amazing things for your home is through the overall aesthetics. Skylights give your home a look and feel that nothing else can achieve. The natural light will help open up even the smallest of rooms and will make you feel like your living in luxury. Skylights can help to make ceilings seem higher, which create the illusion of larger, more open spaces. Even though a skylight won’t actually increase the square footage of your home, you’ll feel like it does. Not to mention, you’ll get beautiful views of the sky during both day and nighttime, which can elicit a peaceful feeling that makes you feel at home.

Skylights have also been known to enhance your current interior design and décor. The natural light works to highlight your interior design and make things stand out more. It’s a great way to put a continual spotlight on your home’s best features.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Finally, adding a skylight to your home will help to boost your overall property value. More and more people are starting to understand all of the things that skylights can do and are adding them to their home-buying checklist. Even if you don’t think you’ll stay in your current home forever, you can still benefit from installing skylights. The investment will then carry on when you’re ready to sell your home. Skylights have also shown to increase the life of your roof, which is a huge way to keep your home’s value high. The ventilation helps to reduce the strain of ice or snow buildup, which in turn elongates the life of your roof.

Skylights help to boost curb appeal and have been known to increase the value of your property. Since many buyers aren’t looking for a project, they’ll be more likely to put an offer on your house that’s close to your asking price if you have skylights already installed.

There are plenty of different types of skylights available on the market. The main thing is making sure that you know the difference between your options and choose something that will work well for you. There are non-vented skylights, passive ventilation skylights, dome fan skylights, skylight fans, opening skylights, and more. Always talk to your professional contractor to learn more about the options they carry and what they recommend for your home needs.


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